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We recognise our responsibilities to achieve good environmental practice and to continue to strive for improvement in areas of environmental impact. Our approach is to work through education, communication and direct action wherever possible.


Board Responsibility

The Board is aware of its responsibilities with regard to the environment, receives regular reports on all environmental matters.

Environmental Risk Assessment

Potential areas of risk are identified through the London Linen’s Group risk assessment programme and mitigated wherever possible. Each business undertakes quantitative audits which enable a measure of environmental improvement to be made.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Carbon Footprint

The Group is party to a Climate Change Agreement (CCA), is constantly looking for new ways to reduce its carbon footprint and has put various initiatives in place, including continued investment in energy efficient capital equipment and the gradual rollout of passive ultra low energy LED lighting.
Furthermore, the majority of cars available to employees as part of the Group’s car scheme are currently subject to a CO2 restriction of 130g/km. The average CO2 of our non-commercial fleet as at the end of 2016 reduced to 103g/km from 104g/km at the end of 2015 with 82% (2015: 76%) of vehicles having a CO2 of less than 110g/km.